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Can Stress Cause Inflammation? | Dentist in 47807

In our last post, we talked about the connection between hormones and oral health. Today we’d like to focus on a similar topic, but related to women and men alike—the connection between stress and inflammation.

As a society, we seem more stressed today than at any point before. That’s due in no small part to technology, and to always staying plugged in. But regardless of where your stress comes from, learning how to manage it responsibly is important for regulating inflammation, and that includes inflammation in the mouth.

Inflammation plays a role in the body’s immune response. In the right circumstances, it can be a good thing. But when stress levels rise, the body has a harder time controlling inflammation. As a result, it can become almost like a weapon that body uses against itself, which has implications for your smile. The ADG reported last year that there is indeed a connection between stress and the quality of one’s oral health, with the immune system in the middle.

With all this in mind, be sure you’re seeing Dr. Ann Bonness or Dr. Richard Bonness twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. Regular checkups and cleanings give our Camby dental team a chance to monitor your smile for changes that might need to be addressed. If they find anything, Dr. Ann and Richard Bonness can recommend care with a general, cosmetic, or restorative service that will help you.

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