Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy: The Unexpected Connection | Dentist Terre Haute, IN

Are you or a loved one preparing to welcome a new baby to the family? If so, you know how busy and exciting this time can be, what with getting the nursery ready, keeping up with regular doctor’s appointments and everything else that comes along with the experience. Did you know, though, how important oral health is during these nine months? At Bonness Family Dentistry in Camby, IN, Dr. Richard Bonness and Dr. Ann Bonness ensure that all of our patients, particularly those who are expecting, are protected from the hidden dangers of periodontal disease.

How Gum Disease Impacts Pregnancy

It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of American adults has some form of gum disease, most of them unaware of their condition. When a patient suffers from periodontal disease, bacteria that accumulates between the gum line and the teeth can leach into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. This can lead to a number of potentially serious health problems, including an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and pancreatic cancer.

In pregnant women, periodontal disease can actually affect the unborn baby as well. Women who have untreated gum disease while pregnant are up to seven times more likely to deliver prematurely. A preterm baby, or a child who is delivered before 37 weeks of gestation, is more likely to suffer from low birth weight, respiratory distress and difficulties with feeding.

Fortunately, keeping periodontal disease at bay is usually as simple as maintaining good oral health with regular brushing, flossing and routine visits to Bonness Family Dentistry. Who knew that taking care of your teeth and gums could be so good for your little bundle of joy?

Reclaim Your Oral Health

If you’ve noticed any of the common signs of periodontal disease – including bleeding gums, redness and unexplained sensitivity – it’s not too late to seek care at our local Camby dental practice. Contact us today to find out how Dr. Richard and Ann Bonness can help you restore your complete oral health with periodontal therapy. We also happily serve patients in Indianapolis, Monrovia, Mooresville, Martinsville, Plainfield and the surrounding communities.