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Stress-Free Dentistry from Bonness Family Dentistry: Nitrous Oxide Sedation | Dentist Near Me

In our last post, we talked about oral conscious sedation, one of the stress-free dentistry options you’ll find when you come to Bonness Family Dentistry in Camby. For today’s post, we’d like to focus on the second option Dr. Ann Bonness and Dr. Richard Bonness offer—nitrous oxide sedation.

Most patients will know nitrous oxide by its other name, laughing gas. Unlike oral conscious sedation, which uses a trusted medication to create feelings of relaxation, nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas. The gas is breathed in through a mask you’ll wear for the entirety of your appointment and goes to work in just a few minutes. Because we can control how much nitrous oxide you receive during your appointment, our Camby team can provide comfortable levels of relaxation for patients with varying degrees of anxiety.

The effects of nitrous oxide begin within minutes of taking your first breath, and their effects wear off just as quickly. That means that, unlike with oral conscious sedation, you won’t need anyone with you to drive you home afterwards. Instead, you can get back to your normal schedule immediately, without missing a beat.

Do You Still Have Questions About Stress-Free Dentistry?

If you still have questions about stress-free dentistry from Dr. Ann Bonness and Dr. Richard Bonness, please visit our stress-free dentistry page or call our Camby office. Our friendly team is always ready to help.