Treating Bruxism with Custom-Made Nightguards | Dentist Terre Haute, IN

In our last post, we mentioned teeth grinding as a condition we look for during regular checkups. In today’s post, we’d like to focus on what often causes teeth grinding, what it can do to your teeth, and how our team at Bonness Family Dentistry can treat it.

The more technical name for teeth grinding is bruxism. Patients who struggle with bruxism grind and clench their teeth unconsciously, very often in response to stress and typically while asleep, when they can’t do anything to stop it. Common symptoms of bruxism include pain or soreness in the jaw, headaches, and earaches.

But stress isn’t the only cause of bruxism. A misaligned bite can also contribute to issues with grinding and clenching. If left untreated, bruxism may contribute to TMJ dysfunction. The surfaces of teeth will also become worn or cracked over time, which can lead to other kinds of dental problems. Insomnia, eating disorders, and depression can also result from untreated bruxism.

Effective Relief with a Nightguard

Thankfully, relief from bruxism and its symptoms is possible with a nightguard. After a thorough evaluation of your teeth, tissues, and muscles at our Camby dental office, Dr. Ann Bonness or Dr. Richard Bonness will design a special orthodontic appliance designed to prevent grinding or clenching while you sleep. For many patients, a custom-made nightguard is enough to eliminate the problem.

Are you struggling with bruxism? Call Bonness Family Dentistry today to reserve a consultation with Drs. Ann and Richard Bonness. We’re committed to helping patients from Camby, Mooresville, Plainfield, Indianapolis, Monrovia, Martinsville, and beyond treat bruxism and TMJ dysfunction.