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What You Should Know About Diabetes and Gum Disease | Dentist in 47807

We’ve said it before—gum disease impacts more than just your oral health. Research has linked this common dental problem with a diverse range of health problems, including diabetes. But, you might wonder, how exactly are gum disease and diabetes connected? The answer isn’t entirely clear, but doctors and researchers have a better understanding of their relationship now than they did before.

Here’s what we know. The relationship between gum disease and diabetes appears to run both ways. On the one hand, an infection of the gum’s soft tissues can lead to increased blood sugar levels, which in turn can increase the patient’s risk for diabetic complications. On the other, a diabetic patient is simply more vulnerable to developing an infection. All of which makes it very hard to determine which is the true cause of what.

That’s why dental checkups should be a priority for any patient, but especially for patients with diabetes. During a regular visit to Bonness Family Dentistry, Dr. Richard Bonness and Dr. Ann Bonness will carefully examine every corner of your smile for signs of gum disease, among many other common oral health problems.

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