Dental Implants

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Improve your smile with dental implants

With dental implants, our team can help you replace missing teeth, improving how your smile looks while also restoring its functionality. The result is a compete smile that looks and feels incredibly natural.

Teeth are anchored to the jaw by roots. When a tooth is lost, so is the root that held it in place. That, in turn, causes bone loss in the jaw, which can eventually be followed by the loss of nearby teeth. Dental implants prevent bone loss and the loss of other teeth by mimicking the natural structure of teeth—on top is the replacement crown while below is the implant post. The implant post is typically made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that fuses with the jaw over time, similar to a natural root.

Get a healthier smile in two stages at Bonness Family Dentistry

Restoring one or more missing teeth with dental implants is a two-stage process. During the first stage, one or more implant posts will be inserted into your jaw, depending on your needs. Then, after some time has passed and your post(s) have had a chance to bond with your jaw, your custom-made restorations can be attached. Dental implants are a versatile restorative option and can be used to replace a single missing tooth, a full row of missing teeth, or anything in between.

If you’re thinking about dental implants, make an appointment at our Camby or Terre Haute office today. There, we’ll be able to discuss all options and determine if this is the right option for you.

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